Nettle Leaf Infusion


One of my favorite things to recommend to folks looking for some extra energy is a Nettle Leaf Infusion. Nettles build energy, support the kidneys and adrenals, and are rich in bone building nutrients like calcium, magnesium, potassium and zinc. They have wonderful anti-inflammatory properties and are often used to soothe pain or allergies. An excellent source of vitamins A, D, E, and K, this delicious drink keeps my immune system strong during cold and flu season and is a healthy alternative to my morning coffee. 

To make the infusion, put a cup of dried nettle leaves (you can get them here) into a quart ball jar, fill with boiling water, cover tightly and let infuse for 4-10 hours. Strain and drink in a day or two. 

For more information on nourishing herbal infusions, visit the wise and wonderful Susun Weed. 

Herb Spotlight : Red Raspberry Leaf

High in magnesium, potassium, iron and vitamins A, B, C and E, Raspberry Leaf Tea is a nourishing mineral-rich tonic. 

I recommend it to all of my pregnant patients during their second and third trimesters for its remarkable ability to both relax and tone the uterus in preparation for birth. It can also be used effectively for menstrual issues, morning sickness and fertility support. Use it as a strong tea or tincture on canker sores or inflamed gums. Externally, it can also east the symptoms of eczema, sunburn or other skin rash. 

The taste is similar to a fruity black tea but without the caffeine (making it a perfect substitute for those trying to cut down on coffee). I love mixing it with nettles and rose hips to boost my energy and immunity.