Susan's practice changed my life.

"I started seeing her for neck and back pain relief when I was rear ended, and I continued seeing her when I wanted to get pregnant. Her techniques, relaxing atmosphere, calming attitude all helped me tremendously, and I got pregnant very quickly which I credit to both her practice and nutritional insights. If she was still in Berkeley, I would be seeing her now."

Susan was an instrumental part of my fertility journey and pregnancy.

"Susan Carter is wonderfully amazing! During a tough second pregnancy, I was looking for a knowledgeable and holistic acupuncturist, who could not only help with addressing my immediate symptoms, but also provide guidance on overall general health and lifestyle. Susan listened patiently to all of my concerns and addressed each one in a healing and nurturing manner. I always felt so much more relaxed and comfortable after each visit. When I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, she created a treatment protocol to help better manage my blood sugar and overall stress levels. When I caught a cold that unfortunately lasted 7+ weeks, she recommended a natural alternative instead of traditional OTC medicines. In fact, she helped prepare my body for labor and recommended pressure points to lessen the pain during delivery (thank goodness!). Most importantly, she provides the kindness and personal attention that is often lacking in today's health care system. In January, I gave birth to a healthy and adorable little boy and I truly believe that Susan was an instrumental part of my fertility journey and pregnancy. "

I truly felt like I was her number one priority.

"Susan is wonderful! I had previously been hesitant to try acupuncture because I had no major injury or illness and was unsure of what it could offer me. But when trying to turn over a new leaf, one focused on bettering myself both at the emotional and physical level, I decided I needed some guidance and help. I am so thrilled and excited that I found acupuncture and Susan's practice. She not only provides a burst of healing through acupuncture but she also gives me the tools and knowledge to heal and connect with my body and my health on a daily basis. We talked at length prior to the needles, she walked me through the appointment and what to expect. She patiently answered all my questions, even the silly ones (will it hurt?!... the good news is, it really doesn't!). I never felt rushed or uncomfortable, I truly felt like I was her number one priority... a feeling I never got from a doctor before. She was gentle and the process was incredibly relaxing. I walked away feeling energized and peaceful, a funny combination and a new one for me. All in all I am incredibly pleased with my experience and will be coming back for more."

[Susan's] love and passion for improving health and wellness are undeniable.

"Susan's grounding, soothing presence removed any anxiety I had walking into my first acupuncture appointment. I felt free to ask any and all questions, without reservations. She is knowledgable and clear in her explanations. I appreciate the authenticity in her practice. I highly recommend Susan to anyone - her love and passion for improving health and wellness are undeniable."

I have digestive issues and anxiety, and saw a marked improvement after just a few visits.

"Susan has the perfect combination of engagement and care that feels nurturing and supportive, but she also empowers me in my own health decision making. I have digestive issues and anxiety, and saw a marked improvement after just a few visits. Poof! My stubborn eczema cleared up just like that. I am ecstatic to have found her."

I learned a lot about my own body.

"I am a 67 year old woman suffering from knee and neck injuries. Susan made me feel extremely comfortable with the whole experience as she explained everything to me and answered all of my many questions. I especially like lying on a heated pad she provided that really helped to relax me. The needles did not hurt at all and I now have a better sense of how acupuncture works. After the treatment my entire body felt more rested and energized and I was able to walk better on my knee. I learned a lot about my own particular body and came away with some useful ideas that Susan suggested to improve my health. I also thought the Wellness Center was a perfect location as it was bright and beautiful."

Attentive, authentic and so easy to talk to.

"Best acupuncturist EVER (and I've received treatments in both San Francisco and New York). Susan is extremely calm and graceful and somehow manages to make you feel similarly calm and graceful. She is attentive, authentic and so easy to talk to - thorough with her questions but never probing, shows genuine concern for your wellbeing. Sooo gentle - you will scarcely notice that she's put needles all over your body. In fact, you just drift off the moment she places her hand on your head. And, most importantly, both Susan and her top-notch care leave you feeling mind-blowingly uplifted. Love this woman!"