Acupuncture is a safe and effective way to alleviate pain or imbalance in the body. The benefits of acupuncture include more energy, restful sleep, smooth digestion, relief from pain, enhanced mood, balanced hormones, improved circulation and a strengthened immune system.  

Herbal Medicine


If herbal medicine is appropriate for you, I may design a personalized prescription or will recommend a patented formula most suitable for your constitution and condition. Herb consultations are included in the cost of the treatment, while the herbs and supplements themselves are purchased separately.

Nutrition Guidance


In order for your treatments to work most effectively, it is necessary to support your body on a daily basis to boost its healing potential. Remember, acupuncture stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms. So if the body is primed for the task (with good food, adequate fluids, regular exercise and enough sleep) it is likely to heal faster and more completely. Small shifts in your routine can make a big impact on how you feel.



For best results, I may use additional techniques such as cupping, moxibustion, gua sha, orthopedic massage, heat therapy and therapeutic exercises. I will be sure to thoroughly explain each modality and why it might be beneficial for you so you can decide if you'd like to try it.

Home visit

home visits

I offer home visits for those who would rather receive treatments in the comfort of their own home. For more information please get in touch. 


I am so thrilled and excited that I found acupuncture and Susan’s practice. She not only provides a burst of healing through acupuncture but she also gives me the tools and knowledge to heal and connect with my body and my health on a daily basis.